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Sinek 2 (1989) izle



Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga, Lee Richardson
Seth Brundle, who turned into a fly while inventing the teleportation machine, met his tragic end when he was killed by his girlfriend Veronica. Brundle's employer, the company, turns a blind eye to Veronica's sacrifice of giving birth to Brundle's child. The child, named Martin, grows up in a laboratory environment.

Bartok, the owner of the company, chooses to observe and keep Martin under surveillance until the mutant chromosomes become active, instead of improving Martin, who carries fly genes, to further develop Brundle's invention. Martin quickly develops in an extraordinary way; when he realizes the situation, he wants to find a way to heal himself and escape from his captivity with the help of his girlfriend Beth.

David Cronenberg continues his remake, The Fly, which is also a remake. However, this time, it fails to be a satisfying film in less capable hands. On the other hand, it manages to leave a mark in the memories of those who like the concept and are curious about how far this repulsive horror theme will go.

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