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Enzo: Yagmurda Yaris Sanati izle



Kevin Costner, Milo Ventimiglia, Jackie Minns
The Art of Racing in the Rain, Enzo, a dog who observes the world around him and learns life lessons from his owner Denny, a car racer, his wife Eve who battles brain tumor, and their daughter Zoe. This incredible bond between Enzo and the family is portrayed in the film adaptation of the bestselling book by Garth Stein, published in 2008. The story revolves around Denny, a Formula 1 racer, who adopts Enzo, a dog that can accompany him in every aspect of his life. However, Enzo is not an ordinary dog as he believes in the Mongolian legend that he will be reincarnated as a human in his next life. Enzo spends most of his time watching television and learning to be human from there. He also assists Denny in his greatest passion, car racing. It is known that Garth Stein was inspired to write this book after watching a documentary called State of Dogs in 1998. In addition, a poem titled The Revenant, written from a dog's perspective, which he encountered in 2004, also served as his inspiration.

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